A bit about me

I am Liz.

Mother to a small band of tomato thieves, I spend the vast majority of my time meeting the needs of four little boys.

Never dull, my days are filled with moments that make me want to simultaneously combust and die of hilarity. I learn a lot from my children. Really important things, like the fact that you can fit exactly ten rolls of toilet paper into a toilet bowl if you pack them in firmly enough.

Before my boys came along, I spent ten years working in Early Childhood, teaching other people’s children. Before that, I was a parent at 18. Earlier, a child myself; the second eldest of seven.

I have spent a lot of time with children, so I do tend to write about them quite a bit.  Humorous writing is my favourite, and children do provide many opportunities for me to do this.

Crafting is another of my interests; I get great pleasure from developing my creative ideas and sometimes even manage to sell the things I make. This is helpful in supporting the locust-like eating habits of my children. You can check some of this stuff out here at  https://www.facebook.com/LittleRedHen.Chch?fref=nf  .

In truth, there are many, many areas that I am interested in. I love learning about new things and my brain is constantly ticking away, wondering, researching and storing.

But that said, I am finding it incredibly difficult to write this page about myself, so I am just going to leave you with it for now, and come back for a fix-up when inspiration hits me. Thanks for your patience, you rock.




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